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~Pet Spa~

Pamper your pets with the range of Spa Treatments.

Choose from our range of spa treatments from bath salts and mud spa to bring comfort to your companion.

Sea salt


Sweet Dreams:

  • Reduce anxiety & emotional stress

  • Fight & relieve depression

  • Reduce symptoms of insomnia

  • Prevent nervous disorders

  • Sedates hypersensitivity

  • Calm & Relaxing

  • Fights against dementia

Health Guardian:

  • Immunity guard & boost

  • Boost emotional and skin health

  • Supports digestive health

  • Prevents infections/inflammations

  • Stimulate blood circulations

  • Eliminate bad odour

  • Inhibits fungal growth

Goodbye Crawlies:

  • Smooth crawlies bite

  • Speeds up external healing

  • Eliminate fleas & ticks

  • Repel insects & cures fungal infections

  • Antiseptic & disinfectant

  • Nourish skin

Derma Treatment:

  • Heal wounds & reduces scar

  • Antiseptic & heals skin infections

  • Prevent bacteria infection

  • Detoxifying the body & smooth inflammations

  • Inhabits fungal growth

  • Soothe inflammation

  • Eliminate bad odor & kill germs

  • Cytophylactic (repair damages done to body aging)

Arthritis Treatment:

  • Release tight muscles

  • Relieve inflammations

  • Reduce pain & joint therapy

  • Heal of rheumatism, arthritis & gout

  • Improve sleep due to pain

  • Contains antimicrobial properties


Mud Spa

A unique blend of mud, natural oils and plant extracts enriched with minerals from the Dead Sea

  • Soothe and moisturise fur

  • Revitalise and rejuvenate the skin

  • Promote muscle relaxation

  • Protection against the development of sores and blisters

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