~Pet Spa~

Give your pet the works with our Spa Baths.

Choose from our range of spa treatments to either pamper or bring comfort to your companion.

Sea salt

Sweet Dreams:

  • Reduce anxiety & emotional stress

  • Fight & relieve depression

  • Reduce symptoms of insomnia

  • Prevent nervous disorders

  • Sedates hypersensitivity

  • Calm & Relaxing

  • Fights against dementia

Health Guardian:

  • Immunity guard & boost

  • Boost emotional and skin health

  • Supports digestive health

  • Prevents infections/inflammations

  • Stimulate blood circulations

  • Eliminate bad odour

  • Inhibits fungal growth

Goodbye Crawlies:

  • Smooth crawlies bite

  • Speeds up external healing

  • Eliminate fleas & ticks

  • Repel insects & cures fungal infections

  • Antiseptic & disinfectant

  • Nourish skin

Derma Treatment:

  • Heal wounds & reduces scar

  • Antiseptic & heals skin infections

  • Prevent bacteria infection

  • Detoxifying the body & smooth inflammations

  • Inhabits fungal growth

  • Soothe inflammation

  • Eliminate bad odor & kill germs

  • Cytophylactic (repair damages done to body aging)

Arthritis Treatment:

  • Release tight muscles

  • Relieve inflammations

  • Reduce pain & joint therapy

  • Heal of rheumatism, arthritis & gout

  • Improve sleep due to pain

  • Contains antimicrobial properties


Mud Spa

A unique blend of mud, natural oils and plant extracts enriched with minerals from the Dead Sea

  • Soothe and moisturise fur

  • Revitalise and rejuvenate the skin

  • Promote muscle relaxation

  • Protection against the development of sores and blisters