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~About us~

Feeling worried to leave your pet at home? Feel free to look for us now! 🐶🐱

Here at Furbbies Pet Place, our mandate is to provide love and care to your companion. We will make sure you have a peace of mind to entrust your companions into our loving hands.❤️

Located in the West, we provide services such as doggy day care, grooming and many more!

Don't hesitate to ask for enquiries and book an appointment with us now! 🐶🐱



✅ We ensure a clean, hygienic and comfortable cage-free environment

✅ We believe wellness is the foundation of happiness for both pets and humans

✅ We have a clean and comfortable home for your pets as compared to dingy metal cages used in many         pet shops

✅ We take pride in ensuring a sanitary and clean environment

✅ We ensure your pet enjoys every moment with us

✅ We are committed to creating a safe, fun and loving environment for your pet


Exciting News! 🎉 

Furbbies Pet Place is moving to a newly improved place on 30th July 2022! 

It’s located at 1 Sunview Road #09-37 Eco-Tech @ Sunview Singapore (627615). 🏡


We want to thank everyone for your continuous support and encouragement, we could not have done it without you! ❤️


Our newly improved place will be an open space concept with dog playgrounds, toys, beds and more! 🤩 

Check out our open space area!! We have our doggy playground, ball pit, beds and floor space area to run around! 😍

We can't wait to have your furbabies to come and have a fun experience at our new renovated place! 🐶

We have facilities around the compound such as outdoor lounge basketball court where your furbabies can enjoy more off leash activities! 🐶

Most importantly, there will be 24 hours air conditioning and supervision as we prioritise the comfort and safety of your furbabies. ✅ 

Follow our IG @FurbbiesPetPlace for more updates!



Furbbies Pet Place 💕 

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